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Your food is your future

Your Food is Your Future explores the opportunities at the intersection of human health, soil health and planetary health.
If you feel overwhelmed by the number of things that aren’t working in our world, this book is for you. The way forward is easier than you think and more rewarding than you dream.



Food security isn't just about money to buy food. It's about the quality of food and supply chains. It's about your impact on the world, and how your food consumption shapes your community. Foodsteading teaches you how to grow food, anywhere and everywhere.

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Eat From Your Yard

Not far from Fort Lauderdale airport is an urban homestead paradise. With 20+ fruit trees, chickens, bees, aquaponics, and more, this small 1/3 acre yard demonstrates abundant living. This cookbook shares recipes from the author's adventure of eating only food from her yard for a full month. These recipes demonstrate how deliciousness can be created using limited ingredients and unlimited imagination.


The Neighborhood

A delightful children's book with a message about sustainability. The power of teamwork, caring and learning about the planet all come together.


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