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Foodsteading Course

Learn Everything you Need to Know About Growing Delicious and Nutritious Food.

Foodsteading is a way to remember our connection to our planet and our food. It reminds us of the age-old ways of growing food. You’ll find yourself leaning into this course because the methods make sense and align with your intuitive knowledge of interacting with the natural world. 

What am I Going To Have Access To?


A total of 180 minutes of content that teaches you everything you need to start producing abundant, deeply nutritious food for you and your loved ones.

Each video has an outline for you to follow, and available space to take notes if you’d like.

Free e-book of “Foodsteading” by Cynthia Schaefer.

As climate change continues, we must learn more adaptation methods. Along with the course material listed above, you will have access to a private Facebook group where we can all learn from each other, and Cynthia will share her decades of experience and resiliency in the garden with you.

How Much Does the Course Cost?


We are offering this course on a by-donation basis; the suggested donation is $35. It is my sincere hope those who can give more, will. That in turn will help give access to this course to everyone who wants it. After you enter the course, you will be directed to send your donation.  We appreciate your support and are grateful for whatever you are able to contribute.  

Why Are You the Right Person to Teach Me the Skills I Want to Learn?

Cynthia-about-scaled (1).jpg

Who is Cynthia and what is Flurban Paradise about?

Cynthia Schaefer is an author, speaker, and passionate advocate for local food and food resilience. Flurban Paradise is an urban foodstead where Cynthia grows food regeneratively, using methods that have worked for millennia, adapted to work easily in today’s world.

As a passionate educator, Cynthia teaches classes on a variety of subjects including herbalism, food preserving, and wellness through food and lifestyle. She also offers one-on-one consultations. One-on-one consultations allows Cynthia to guide individuals in learning their own body’s unique constitution and which foods, herbs, and actions will result in peak wellness for their individual makeup. 

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