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War. It seems like such a short word for such a terrible thing. When you google the causes of war you’ll find a wide array of reasons. Most of them, however, boil down to this:

1.) One faction/nation has something the other wants. 2.) One faction/nation has something the other doesn’t want them to have.

You’ll find a lot of heated “us vs them” rhetoric around any war. There is also an unfortunate validity in meeting violence with violence. When attacked, defense is necessary. Stopping wars from happening doesn’t seem possible within our current paradigm. Why is that?

I think if we looked a little deeper, we’d find that we can’t seem to stop war because the real cause of war is that we are really at war with ourselves. Since we don’t realize or can’t admit that the conflict is internal, we have to project it onto the other. Surely it must be something/someone else that causes this angst.

I think that the state of the world speaks for itself as to the emotional, physical, spiritual and mental health of a large part of the population of the world.

We are also at war with our planet, and that is a war that might kill us all. Time in nature heals us, soothes us and resets our central nervous system. We need more nature in our daily lives, and that is challenging for people who see nature as something to kill, repel or hack down.

Happy, connected and fulfilled people aren’t usually seeking to escape the world through addiction or distraction. They are fully engaged and enjoying life and they recognize that they have and they are enough. They don’t want something someone else has and they don’t judge the actions of others harshly.

This is your life. This is your time. You matter. Find your way to peace in your heart, however that looks for you. It’s there for you and it’s real, meaningful and deeply, deeply satisfying. My path is through the garden, and with all the amazing people who are changing our planet by changing the way we grow our food. You can find more of us here: GrowSocial

We become that which we immerse ourselves in. Fill your life with songs and thoughts of peace and peace will come. Here are some of my favorites.

I’d like to dedicate this blog to one of my teachers, Jiwan Kaur. It was her class this morning that inspired this weeks’ blog. Yoga has taught me a lot about how the outer reflects the condition of the inner.

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