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Closed Waste Loops and Russian Nesting Dolls

We are imperfect beings living in a perfect system. The system works, and if we find our place in it, we work too.

There are tribes of people in this world who have managed to avoid modern culture; for example, the Himba. They have been described as “remarkably healthy, despite their primitive lifestyle.” They hear the music and they live in harmony with the system. The epidemics of obesity, addiction, autoimmune disease and other modern-day plagues don’t exist for them.

Why don’t we accept the evidence that is right before our eyes? The system isn’t ours to change. The Garden is waiting for us to return and dance. What holds us back? If we listen more closely, will we dance again?

I think for many it’s simply that we’ve forgotten how. Today we use terms like “sustainability,” “small or no footprint” and “green living” to describe what is simply living in harmony with a perfect system.  Living in harmony with the system is something that has been happening for many a generation throughout many parts of the world, but seems forgotten by a select number in other parts of the world.

What we call a closed waste loop is just the perfect system operating at its highest expression. By nature’s design, one things waste is another’s usable food or raw material. Like Russian nesting dolls, our “waste loops” operate one inside the other, with each stage of the system nestled within another stage of the system.

Over the last few decades, we as a people have been pulled away from that natural operating system. At first, it may be a challenge to find your way back to it, but it can be done. In fact, it must be done to bring our world’s health back in whole balance.

We have to work harder to hear the music nature plays for us. As you take the steps that lead you back, the music gets louder. And as the music get louder, and you begin to recognize it, you will find the dance becomes more effortless.

Nature and its perfect system is waiting for you. For me, I started in my small vegetable garden which led me to understand that my whole yard could be my garden. I learned that my garden thrived on compost, which lead me to compost more. As I ate more whole foods, I spent more time in nature, and found the flow.

It doesn’t matter how you find your way back to the flow. Nature will be there whenever and wherever you look for her. You may find yourself being led back to the “primitive” and rediscover a wholeness of being that you didn’t even know was lost. Some people are led by creativity, others by necessity or desire. But understand that we’re ALL being called back to the garden of Nature’s perfect system.

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