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Earthism: To care for the direct relationship of man’s consequences of his planet, to care about the greater future of earth. – Urban Dictionary

Earthism is our future.  It is the way forward into true happiness, health and meaningful existence.

Take a moment to examine your own life. What aspects of it have made you truly happy? I doubt that any of you are thinking of something you bought. You are more likely thinking of a connection you made or an achievement where you made a contribution to something that was meaningful to you. Maybe you are thinking of how you felt when someone you love was happy and fulfilled.

We’ve all heard the adages. Money can’t buy you love. Money can’t buy you happiness. But do we believe that at a subconscious level? Our actions say that we don’t. We’ve been programmed by the society we’ve been shaped by.

Our thoughts and actions are just conditioning. All we have to do is recondition ourselves-change our programming-and we find in a very short time that the new conditioning is reinforced by genuine positive feedback from within ourselves.

It’s normal in our world to get a quick fix of good feeling from getting something. A new car, a new toy, a new phone. They can all provide temporary good feelings that quickly fade, leaving us to want another hit.

Just like sugar gives us a temporary good feeling but no real nutrition, the hit of acquiring something material fools us into thinking that we’re getting something that matters while we are being starved on a spiritual/emotional level. This is all learned behavior that can be unlearned.

As we begin to engage in more activities that reinforce the concept of Earthism, we find our underlying deficiencies begin to recede. Just like a program of good nutrition builds a stronger, healthier body, Earthism builds a stronger, healthier inner self.

Just as bad habits create downward spirals, good habits create upward spirals. Incremental changes made consistently can create major, lasting change. As more of us find our way towards Earthism, we create different patterns that make it easier for those that follow to find their way forward.

In every day and in every moment, we are moving towards something. We get to choose. If you want to learn more about the plasticity of your brain here’s a short video:

Together, we are unstoppable.

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