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Resiliency is Resistance

When the idea of creating a platform to support and encourage the individual resiliency movement came about, it was with the vision of lifting and connecting the already vibrant community of people who were growing food, living sustainably and participating in the sharing economy.

We envisioned an alternative economy with a sustainable food system that would grow around and within the existing economic system. One that would gradually offer real, lasting change; driven by the innovative, committed and passionate pioneers who are choosing to serve the planet by living simply and sustainably.

We still hold to that vision.

Unfortunately the world today does not seem to be moving in that direction. Times of chaos test our resiliency. Now is the time to connect with your local community and get to know the people that you can count on, trade with, and learn from. Resilient communities know that natural disasters and man-made chaos are inevitable.

Communities that thrive in good times and in bad times, are those that quietly create networks that serve to provide alternatives to the existing system. Teaching others to do the same is one action we can take. Become a food rebel.

In times of chaos it is vital that you have a network of connections already in place. Therefore, we have created a platform that anyone anywhere can use to unite and collaborate with others in their local community. Everything you will see on the site is modeled to a 50-mile radius from your location. It has places to create a profile, post events, list classifieds and have group discussions. You can post locally produced and sustainable goods for sale. For example, it can be used to compile local plant and pest information.

The platform can be used to share any information that serves the community. Its purpose is to help make it easier for you to do more of the great and loving things you already do. We believe in you more than you know.

GrowSocial, because together we can do anything.

Highlight from our discussion board: ” If all the local farms that sell to the public published lists with pictures of all the crops they are growing, and their availability, I think I would be more likely to give them a visit to try something new. I don’t even know where all the local farms are or when they are open for visitors. I’m fairly spur of the moment and I know I can’t visit any farm on a whim, because the retailers are usually the workers as well. ”  -Jim Brightenfield, South Florida.

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