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The Key in the Keynote: Former President Obama’s speech at the Global Food Innovation Summit

“It is millions of decisions being made individually that end up having as much impact as anything.” *

I am almost completely food independent. With a little more effort, I could feed myself well from my small 1/3 acre. That’s astonishing to some people, but according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations:  It is realistic to suppose that the absolute minimum of arable land to support one person is a mere 0.07 of a hectare–and this assumes a largely vegetarian diet, no land degradation or water shortages, virtually no post-harvest waste, and farmers who know precisely when and how to plant, fertilize, irrigate, etc. Note: .07 hectare = .17 acres

“Food production is the 2nd leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions.” *

Sustainable, small food production can actually take carbon out of the air. Large scale agriculture is already seeing shrinking yields from climate change.

There is an intersection where growing population and climate change will cause dramatic increases in food costs and decreases in food safety and quality.

How quickly we reach that intersection is unknown. What you can do to create food security for yourself is known. There is no upside to waiting for the arrival of the intersection and no downside to making positive changes now.

I didn’t get the exact quote from the speech, but it had something to do with “unleashing the creative power”. *  We are the pioneers of a new food system. You are the ones that will lead the way to cohesive, local and sustainable food systems.

Your creative thinking can transform the world. Please read that again. That isn’t hyperbole. You and your peers will shape the world for decades to come. We want to help you do that through providing a platform for you to connect and collaborate.

“If we seize the future there is nothing we can’t do.” *

Direct quote from the speech denoted by *

Find the full speech and Q & A that followed here:

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