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Why You Matter

You probably feel it. Something big is happening. There’s this feeling that the world isn’t quite right, but you don’t really know if we’re on the precipice of the biggest disaster in modern history, or the biggest leap forward. Can you feel it?

Our planetary consumption and our planetary resources are on a collision course.

It’s a deadly path. However, we really can change that. We can decide to pivot, and create a sustainable world that has space for everyone to thrive. A world where we can all live healthier, simpler and more abundant lives. The alternative is continuing on the dangerous course we’re on and losing everything.

The pivot isn’t nearly as complicated as you might think. Already, infrastructures are being built to help make it happen. Food is a central component of that pivot, and one that every human on the planet has a stake in.

From community gardens to large scale organic farms, to home gardens; sustainable growing techniques are taking hold. They are creating more nutritious food, regenerating depleted soils, creating environmental benefits and stronger, more resilient communities.

What can you do? Well, the quickest answer is buying more organic and local foods, but there is so much more.

If you want a powerful education on the movement and who some of the  players are, spend time watching this: foodtank summit

If you want ideas of types of businesses that you can start or work for, that are part of the solutions, you can check out If you want to make a direct impact by helping a local organic farm become a land trust institution that will help feed, teach and lead generations of sustainable farms, you can go here: and support and share Treehugger Farms initiative.  Find out more about that here:    localfarm

If you believe that transparency in our food supply is important, you can join your local movement to stand up for GMO labeling: march against monsanto

These are but a few small yet significant ways you can help pivot our world toward a better future for all mankind, as well the planet that we live upon. There are many, many more ways to make a difference. Find your local sustainability network. If you don’t have one, help build it here on

Together we thrive.

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