Experiencing a session with Cynthia Schaefer was quite a unique experience, and I look forward to the next session. It began as an introspective exercise and it ended with a strong sense of clarity and empowerment. Afterwards, I enjoy going back into the daily grind feeling revitalized physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically. Just as nurturing as it is nourishing- I would absolutely recommend you head to her whether you are working out a healing process or you are looking for a refreshing cathartic experience.

Gaby P.

I was stuck. I knew it was time to make a change but I didn't know what needed to change.  My husband, my kids, my job-nothing was working and my misery was making everyone else miserable.  After a few sessions I was able to see that I needed to change a few small things and then the big changes just happened because I was ready for them. I always walk away from a session with an aha! moment. My husband and kids joke now about sending me on a "Cynthia vacation" whenever they want me to try something new. I'm not afraid anymore and that is everything for me.

Elizabeth J.

Cynthia is awesome, she was able to do what no Doctor would have done for me, she helped me to discover and balance my body and health, I can't recommend her enough.



I went to Cynthia to figure out how to get back in balance. The Dosha test was very informative but the best part is Cynthia's intuition. Combined, I was given a great plan to get back to health. I also take the classes and they are amazing. I have learned so much and she gives me the knowledge to STAY in balance with herbs and natural foods. I highly recommend Cynthia and everything she offers. She is awesome!


Cynthia has been able to do what no allopathic doctor has, I have seen dermatologist, immunologist, endocrinologist, and a "functional" MD, but the first remedy I got from Cynthia helped within minutes. The redness and burning/stinging heat was gone from my face completely, I seriously couldn't believe it... it took my comfort level from unbearable to unnoticeable. Thanks Cynthia


Cynthia humbly shares valuable knowledge about herbs, self-care and sustainability. Her love for the planet and all it's beings shines bright in a world that's getting darker by the minute. I highly recommend her classes!

Jessica Vella