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Cynthia Schaefer

Personal Profile

Flurban Paradise is an urban homestead. We have bees, chickens and lots of food growing. Local herbs thrive here and we make medicine from them.

Sustainability means that we coexist with nature, regenerate soil and remember our place in the system. 





Cynthia is available to speak or teach.

To see some of her stuff, check out this series that her friend David Stack of Stack's Urban Harvest captured on his channel:

Urban Homestead

Agricultural & Environmental Advisory Committee and Community Service

Cynthia served on the AEAC for many years, stepping down in June of 2023.

The Caring Community was co-founded by Cynthia in 2018. As a small, local nonprofit, TCC works in the area of food security. Food bank gardens, teaching gardens and the gleaning of backyard fruit for food banks are just some of the things that TCC does, To find out more, or to volunteer with us, go to :  TCC

South Florida Edible Gardening and Sustainable Living

Cynthia founded this group in 2013. She's given away hundreds of plants, cutting and seeds as well as workshops. She believes strongly that connected local communities make us all stronger.

For more information check out the facebook group and meet up group

You can also join here to be part of the herbal and homestead meetup group. 

Let’s Grow Together

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