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Cynthia Schaefer

Cynthia Schaefer, a lifelong student of nature and staunch advocate for sustainable living, has transformed her urban home in Davie, Florida, into a flourishing paradise of edible landscaping. Cynthia's profound commitment to community service and environmental sustainability is evident in her founding of The Caring Community. This nonprofit organization supports educators while also growing food for local food banks.

Cynthia is also founder and at the helm of South Florida Edible Gardening and Sustainability, a collective comprised of a Meetup group and a Facebook community. This initiative encourages the propagation of healthful food and sustainable practices. For eight fruitful years, she lent her expertise to her town's Agricultural and Environmental Advisory Committee, where she was instrumental in shaping local green policies.


As a skilled herbalist, Cynthia is fervently dedicated to educating others about the vitality of plants, the importance of biodiversity, and the roadmap to vibrant wellness. She hosts a range of classes covering topics from cultivating food and herbs, to the art of fermentation, demonstrating her wide breadth of knowledge.

Cynthia's distinguished career as a financial advisor spanned over two and a half decades, culminating in a successful business transition in 2017. This pivotal move allowed her to pursue her true passion - immersing herself in nature and championing sustainable living.

Her dedication to her craft is mirrored in her home life, where she thrives amidst her solar-powered home, surrounded by chickens, bees, over 20 fruit trees, and an array of edible and medicinal plants. As an author, speaker, and environmental advocate, Cynthia Schaefer continues to inspire and educate others on the path to vibrant wellness and sustainable living.

Community Efforts

Urban Homesteading Content

Cynthia is available to speak or teach.
To see some of her stuff, check out this series that her friend David Stack of Stack's Urban Harvest captured on his channel: Urban Homestead

Agricultural & Environmental Advisory Committee and Community Service

Cynthia served on the AEAC for many years, stepping down in June of 2023.

The Caring Community was co-founded by Cynthia in 2018. As a small, local nonprofit, TCC works in the area of food security. Food bank gardens, teaching gardens and the gleaning of backyard fruit for food banks are just some of the things that TCC does, To find out more, or to volunteer with us, go to :  TCC

South Florida Edible Gardening and Sustainable Living

Cynthia founded this group in 2013. She's given away hundreds of plants, cutting and seeds as well as workshops. She believes strongly that connected local communities make us all stronger.

For more information check out the facebook group and meet up group

You can also join here to be part of the herbal and homestead meetup group. 

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