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Private Classes

Private Class List


Stress relief, immunity, better sleep, more energy, enhanced libido, better mood. What else could you ask for? You’ve probably heard of things like ashwagandha, ginseng or schisandra berry, but do you know which is best for you? In this class we learn what an adaptogen is, and how to choose the right one for us. Bring a tea cup and a spoon.

Crone me, baby, crone me!

This class is for goddesses 50 and above. Learn to celebrate, embrace and ROCK the ages. We’re going to reclaim the word CRONE. We’ll learn what a croning is and how to celebrate the wisdom, love and magic that can only come from the growth we experience from the passage of time. Bring a tea cup.

Fire Cider and Elderberry

These two medicinals have been used for centuries to fight off colds and flu and help keep the body strong and healthy. In this hands on class, we'll learn to make them both.

Good, better, BEST!

Being the best you possible. Do you know what foods and herbs are best for your constitution? Do you know what to do for your body when it goes out of balance? Don’t just feel good, or better, feel your BEST! Bring a tea cup and a laptop/tablet if you have one.


Everything Elderberry! An intensive 4 hour class on elderberry. Learn to harvest, save, and prepare this amazing powerhouse herb. We’ll make tinctures, tonics, wine and teas. Elderberry is the queen of the garden and her flowers and berries have been used medicinally for centuries. Learn how to connect with and use this powerful antiviral herb. Bring a teacup.

Kitchen Medicine!

In this tasty class, we’ll experience some of the most common kitchen herbs in a different way. How are they medicinal? How can we spice up our life in a way that makes us healthier? Bring a tea cup.


Menopause, peri-menopause, post-menopause…what are our hormones doing now?? In this class we’ll learn to recognize the symptoms of hormone imbalances, and gentle ways to encourage our body towards balance. From foods to herbs to body practices, there are many things we can do to help our body celebrate change. Bring a tea cup.

Wine, Wine, Wine!

In this hands-on class, we’ll learn the basics of fruit wine. We’ll do step one, which is preparing the wine for the brew bucket. We’ll also do step 3, which is bottling the wine. This class will show you how to make wine without having to invest in a lot of equipment. There may or may not be wine tastings, so bring a tea cup and your favorite wine glass. What happens in wine class stays in wine class!

Concoctions, decoctions, potions and pills!

In this hands-on class we’ll learn to make wonderful drinks like golden milk, mushroom chocolate drinks and more using water, coconut milk and herbs. We’ll also learn how to make our own capsules while we wait for our magic drinks to simmer. Bring a tea cup.

Eat The Weeds!

This class is fun for all ages! There is wonderful nutrition hiding in the plants we love to hate. Turn your weeds into feeds and you’ll find a whole new level of health and free food! Bring a tea cup.

Forever Young

Learn about foods, practices, herbs and supplements that can turn back the clock and help you feel, act and look younger. Wear comfy clothes for this experiential class. Bring a tea cup.

Grief, trauma and growth

In this gentle class we will carefully explore ways to move emotion through our bodies, minds and spirits and alchemize our grief into growth and our pains into purpose. We will find ways to encourage our wounds to shape us rather than scar us. Bring a tea cup, and your tissues.

Intensive: Immunity!

A 4 hour intensive class on the immune system and how to strengthen it. Viruses are part of our world, but they don’t have to knock you down. We’ll learn how to stay strong all year round and keep viruses at bay. We’ll learn what to do when we feel a viral illness coming on, and the different strategies we can use at each stage of an illness.

Living clean and green!

Toxins are everywhere in our world. What hidden toxins are in your world, and how can we make sure our lives are as toxin free as possible? How do we get rid of toxins that may already be in our bodies, affecting our hormones, our health and our moods? Bring a tea cup and a laptop/tablet if you have one.

Tea Anyone?

Herbal tea can have dramatic effects on your mood, your energy, your immune system and more. In this hands-on class we’ll learn the components of a good tea mix and how to choose them. Together, we’ll make different teas for calming, stress, energy, and digestion. Bring a tea cup and 3 small containers to take your tea home in.

Cooking with Papaya

Unripe papaya is one of the most versatile foods I've worked with. It's also one of the fastest plants to give you fruit, and it fruits prolifically. In this class we will learn many different ways of making green papaya dishes, and then we'll all share a meal with our results!

Fermenting 101

Who doesn’t love a good sauerkraut, kimchi or beet kvass? In this class we’ll learn the basics of fermenting. Hands on is best, so together we’ll make a big batch of sauerkraut. Bring an 8 to 16 oz fido jar to take home your sauerkraut and a tea cup.

Go with your GUT!

Did you know that your gut bacteria can affect your mood, your immune system, your sex life and more? Probiotics, prebiotics, L. :: oh my! Change your gut, change your life! Bring a tea cup.

Homeo what? Homeopathy 101

This class is an introduction to homeopathy and some of the basic remedies to keep around the house. Homeopathy is excellent for everyone, and is especially good when helping in cases where herbs may not be indicated, such as children, elderly or someone on medication. Bring a tea cup and a pen. Note outlines provided.

It's Elementary, Watson!

Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Ether. Learn how the plants can balance these elements in your body, and how to know when you need them. Please bring a tea cup and a spoon.

Medicinal Energy Balls

This is a hands-on class! Learn to make tasty sweet treats that incorporate nutritive and stress reducing herbs. Bring a tea cup, a spoon and a small container to take your treats home in.

The Taste Tells The Tale!

The taste of our food or herb tells us a lot about what it does in the body. This highly experiential class teaches will take you on a taste and sensation journey that will leave you transformed. Bring a tea cup, a spoon and make sure your water bottle is full.
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