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Peak Wellness Journey

Next Class Starting July 22nd! Sign up now
Davie, Florida

20 hours: $399 (Early Registration is $349)

Each of us is a unique blend of qualities and elements. When we understand our bodies and we understand the gifts of nature, it gives us the tools to obtain and maintain a high level of wellness. Our Basic Wellness Course is hands-on, interactive, and fun.  At the end of this five-class course, you'll have a great foundational understanding of how to keep yourself, and your friends and family healthier. 

Please bring a tea cup and spoon to each class.  Class notes will be provided for you. 

Class One: 

Understanding the Elements
July 22

  1. Learn how to identify the elements of our own constitutions, as well as the constitutions of others.

  2. Taste herbs to learn how to identify the elements in herbs by their taste.

  3. Learn how the plant parts correspond to elements.

  4. Identify imbalances in the body based on the elements.

  5. Understand the polarities of hot/cold, wet/dry and tense/relaxed and how they correspond with the elements.

Class Two:

Herbal Actions

August 5th

  1. Discover herbal actions and how that applies to conditions.

  2. Understand the systems of the body and how different herbs act on different systems.

  3. Basic diagnostic tools.

  4. Bringing understanding of elements into systems and herbal actions.

Class Three:

Basic Medicine Making
August 19th

  1. Basic teas, decoctions, and tinctures.

  2. Tonics, salves, and oils.

  3. Fresh vs dried herbs.

  4. Herbs in food.

  5. Compound mixes - teas, capsules, and tinctures.

Class Four:

Using your Knowledge for Peak Wellness

September 2nd

  1. Herbs, homeopathy, food, and lifestyle.

  2. Basic homeopathy.

  3. How to find and use valid resources for more knowledge.

Class Five:

Review and Practice

September 16th

  1. Cautions and interactions.

  2. Using your knowledge to make recommendations.

  3. Practicing – Using actual cases from my practice.

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