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Your Real BMI

"I wrote this book because I've witnessed the incredible transformations these principles can bring. I've had the privilege of guiding hundreds towards their best health, using this intuitive approach. When you truly understand what your unique body needs, everything falls into place. You see results, spend less energy guessing, and gain peace of mind knowing you're doing what's right for you."

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Your Real BMI offers a tailored approach to vibrant wellness by understanding our unique elemental makeup. It guides us to the most effective breathing exercises, movements, and foods tailored to our individual constitution. With its extensive tools, this book eliminates the guesswork, ensuring you're not just following another's path but discovering your personal route to optimal health.

At a time when wellness solutions are myriad and often confusing, 'Your Real BMI' presents a refreshingly intuitive approach. It reconnects us to the core of nature and teaches us how to harmoniously align ourselves to its rhythms and principles.

Take it Further!

You Playbook

Journey deeper with the essential companion to "Your Real  BMI". This interactive guide is both a hands-on manual and a reflective journal, designed to guide you on a transformative 7-week exploration into your unique well-being. Designed to help you embark on a path of self-discovery and embrace the vitality waiting within.

Discover the elemental essence that shapes you, identify any imbalances, and master the techniques to restore harmony. This isn't just about reading; it's about doing, feeling, and evolving. Equipped with tailored tools and insights specific to your distinct constitution, you're empowered to chart a course towards your most vibrant self.

About the Author

Cynthia Schaefer stands at the crossroads of sustainability, wellness, and education. As a passionate foodsteader, she's turned her own urban oasis in Florida into a testament to the power of edible landscaping and sustainable living. Through her decade-long journey as an educator, she's shared her profound knowledge on wellness, herbalism, and homesteading, illuminating the path for countless individuals towards a life in sync with nature.

Her commitment to community service and positive change is evident in her notable achievements. Cynthia is the visionary founder of 'The Caring Community', a nonprofit with a mission that echoes her own beliefs—check it out at


She spearheads the 'South Florida Edible Gardening' initiative, a thriving Meetup and Facebook group, fostering a collective spirit of knowledge and plant sharing in her region.


With her roles as an author, wellness consultant, speaker, and teacher, Cynthia seamlessly weaves her varied expertise, advocating for holistic health, community involvement, and the timeless wisdom of living in harmony with the environment.

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