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A Brave New World: Are you ready for the Earth Age?

We’ve had the Industrial Age, the Technology Revolution and the Information Age. Now it is time for the Earth Age. It is a revolution and a reawakening of our humanity.

Solutions are being found to answer some of our most pressing challenges. People are rising who are simply doing what is necessary to create the possible. They are looking and listening to what is and isn’t working and making changes.

A lot of the change may seem small scale. Don’t doubt the revolution! It is the changes that individuals make that change the world for we are the lever that moves the planet.

Top down change rarely, if ever, has long term effect on populations. People drive change by changing what they support. There are two parts to this: what you stop supporting and what you start supporting.

People have begun to turn away from factory food, monocropping and processed food.  They are turning towards small, local food. People are moving towards simplicity and away from excess materialism.  We are recognizing that lifestyle choices drive a large part of health and that our health care system and our dependencies on pharmaceuticals are not working.

At the heart of all these changes you’ll find our food system. It is the common denominator, the fulcrum point upon which we can collectively exert pressure to move the world towards that which is necessary, healthy and fair to both people and planet.  Let every meal you eat be an act of revolution!

If you haven’t yet joined the revolution, there are many easy ways to begin. Find your local food growers and support them.  Grow food where and how you can and move towards whole foods and away from processed foods.

Start simplifying.  When you think you want to buy something, wait 2 weeks to see if you really need it or if you’re giving in to impulse. Know the ethics behind the corporations that you do use on a regular basis. If you aren’t happy with their integrity, find another source.

Gather together and create community. Find meetup groups or other groups who gather to do the things that can move you towards sustainability. Learn from each other and connect with the community you have locally.

Create small, replicable actions that promote sustainable activities and do good things. Share freely what you are doing and how you are doing it so that others may follow.  Look for other groups doing good things and work together where it makes sense. Have fun while you make a difference and meet other people who care.

Some small but mighty iniatives that we look forward to sharing in the coming months:

Gleaning: We’ve invited this group  to help us creating a successful gleaning system here in South Florida to get some of the excess fruit from yards to food banks. If you’re in South Florida and you’d like to volunteer with us you can get details here:

Herbal care kits to help those who serve us manage their stress:  We are in the beginning process of this project so reach out to me at and stay tuned to this blog for more details.

We have choices in every moment.  As we move towards this brave new world, hope and action moves us forward while fear and habitual behavior mires us more deeply in the quicksand. Step forward into community and find your way home!

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