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Reinventing Our Food System

We ignored the UN report in 2010 that concluded that smaller, local food systems were the answer both to world hunger and to climate challenges. They are also the answer to healing community and creating fairness in our communities. They are also the answer to many of our chronic health challenges. Ultra processed, industrial food is a failed model. We need to reinvent our food system, and I think that means going back to the times when most of us spent at least part of our day participating in some way in the food system. From kitchen gardens to small farms to cottage industries, we need to turn back to our “hobbies” being activities of self -provisioning. A healthy economy is like a healthy ecosystem-it’s wildly diverse, with each part having value to the whole and the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. Where do you see yourself as a participant in the plentitude economy? What passions, resources and skills do you want to let bloom in this time of change?

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